Florence Loiseleur créations sculpture, peinture et graphismes

I gather all kinds of tree species I find at random on my walks. Putting my hand a piece of sculpture gives me a very specific tactile sensation.

The sculptures displayed come from wood with a story to tell...I work all wood with respect.

"Touch with your eyes !", my decorative sculpture teacher used to say... Classical sculpture cannot be touched, whereas contemporary sculpture can.

Throughout, my experience combines these two conflicting but inseparable techniques.

Xylosôma Thalie

Chesnut of Ardèche

Xylosôma Thalie : Chesnut of Ardèche Aggelo : Oak of Ardèche Thalie : Chesnut of Ardèche Spari ZÄ n°1 : Chesnut of Ardèche ( France)  Xylosôma 1 : In waxed olive of Gard. 2.Xylosôma Bust 2 : Chesnut 3.Birdoflight. : Olive 4.Xylosôma Mari Morgan : Oak 4.Xylosôma Mari Morgan : Oak 6.Lux : Totem in Chestnut Xylosôma Angel : Oak of Ardèche Xylosôma Kallisté : Oak Xylosôma Kallisté : Oak Xylosôma Adiskide : Olive 11.Xylosôma Adiskide : Olive 14.Little Pig : Tinted Beech