Florence Loiseleur créations sculpture, peinture et graphismes

In sculpture as in painting, I seek, on the one hand, vitality, and on the other, gentleness, which for me is close to a certain serenity.

My drawings in pastel, are never posed. I sketch the pose, looking for the tension in the gesture... I capture the subject visually, preferably in movement. I like to analyse in a fraction of second the line of force witch is given off the moment. To make the emotion sping forth requires a lot of pratice !

Painting offers more leisure for reflection, but is also a kind of combat between the material and the idea.

To sketch from life brings us as close as possible to the energy given off by the model.


Mixed technique on canvas

Blu : Mixed technique on canvas Blu Nude : Mixed technique on canvas Little blu Nude : Dry pastel on paper Yellow Nude : Dry pastel on paper Kendö 1 : Mixed technique on canvas Polytyque F.d.G( Women and their big mouths) : Acrylic on canvas Kendo : Lithography on Arche paper 7.Femmes de Gueules : Acrylic on canvas